Wednesday, October 4, 2017

[Guzheng] Wang Sen-di - Buddhist Music Played By Guzheng - Crystal Lotus (1994) [APE]

Wang Sen-di - Buddhist Music Played By Guzheng - Crystal Lotus
| APE+CUE | MB | Guzheng/Buddhist/Instrumental | 1994 | 

Kucheng, a long-history traditional plucking instrument in China. It was invented in around 231 B.C.. Owing to its long history and widely prevalence, the exquisite skillful art of kucheng features not only in its variety and gracefulness, but also its fusing with regional folk music.

In the Buddhist world, the lotus is the emblem of peace, quiet, and suffusion of wonderful aroma. What the imagery of the music in this collection presents is the realm of clearness and brightness, like the characteristics of the Lotus. The composer used the Six Word Mantra, and the musical style of Tibetan and Xinjiang Buddhist denominations as a blueprint to arrange and compose the music for the Kucheng.


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